Close 2012 with the last full moon and start 2013 fresh!


Have you been having weird or intense dreams lately? Have you noticed yourself or those around you struggling with a wide range of emotions? You are not alone. The end of the year can be stressful for many but it also can cause us to reflect on the past year and contemplate our goals and plans for the year ahead. The last full moon of 2012reaches its peak December 28, 2012. With the full moon at this time it invites us to face and reflect on any buried or unhealthy emotions so that we can heal and start 2013 anew.

The reason it’s important to face and work through any unhealthy or unproductive emotions that have been with us longer than necessary is because we are unable to move forward while holding on to past pain of some kind. So before making resolutions we should take the time to reflect on what things in our life no longer serve us and let them go; forgive ourselves and others for mistakes or wrongdoings, and grieve our losses. The number one New Year’s resolution for Americans is losing weight and most people struggle with weight because they suppress emotions or put other people’s needs ahead of their own, (in an unhealthy way). When we suppress how we truly feel or don’t take care of our own needs we care less about our diet and are less likely to maintain a regular exercise routine.

For my suggestions on New Year’s Resolutions that lead to a healthier and happier you, go to my full article: Close 2012 with the full moon and start 2013 fresh!


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4 thoughts on “Close 2012 with the last full moon and start 2013 fresh!

  1. Ah, yes. How beautiful. I was thinking about New Year’s in a similar way this year. Not losing weight, but just letting go. And letting that attitude carry on in various ways throughout the year, remembering it’s always a good time to let go of that which does not serve us. Your post and full article on the Examiner helped me remember that the seasons do have something to do with it as well, so there are so many reasons why letting go during this time of year is easier or more natural feeling than other times.
    Great writing, Micah!

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